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Fight for your honor and become a true legend!

Legends of Chaos is one of the best options to download right now on your Apple device and fully enjoy a story of action, strategy and overall fun. You can choose fantastic characters to embody your adventure, while you will grow your kingdom and battle with fearful enemies. Impose your momentum and make sure everyone is beneath you.

New characters

Legends of Chaos lets you select the best character according to your game play style. So, you'll have at hand the typical characters, epic ones and also you can spice up the most current ones. All graphics are very detailed so you can enjoy better all the battles in real time against your opponents. Choose the character you like and start fighting your opponents mercilessly.

All-tastes levels

Legends of Chaos also has different levels so you can play on the one that best suits your needs. Select between wizards, archers and warriors. Not enough? You can also choose to play alone or compete in online multiplayer mode. It's really addictive!

Weapons, castles and animations!

Legends of Chaos' arsenal is really awesome: you can chose between 250 types of war weapons, torture and assault ones. Build your castle and stronghold as well-defended as you can since there are lots of enemies roaming in search for a new castle: yours. All these animations have fantastic details and the best graphics quality on the market. It is a highly recommended game.